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The #Smartsummerskimmers promotion closed on 4 January 2018. To mark the start of summer and to introduce our great approved pool skimmers by Ecoskim, entrants were asked to post a picture of their pool on the Smart WaterMark Facebook page using #smartsummerskimmers to win! Participants had a chance to win one of three Ecoskims (each worth $595). We got some great shots! Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winners – Jenna Patan, Olivia Schofield and Leah Tame. Check out the winning entries below:

About Ecoskim

Ecoskim is a self-levelling pool skimmer device which can be retrofitted to the majority of existing pools.

Here are ten great reasons to choose Ecoskim for your pool:

  • Innovative, environmentally friendly, water saving Pool cleaning device
  • Attaches to your existing pool skimmer box - once it is fitted its benefits are maintenance free – set it and forget it
  • Simultaneous surface skimming and floor cleaning – working with existing automatic pool cleaners (eg Barracuda / Creepy Crawly)
  • Removes surface debris quickly so its less likely to settle on the bottom of the pool and encourage bacteria. This means that shorter cleaning cycles and less chemicals will be required
  • Has a large capacity leaf basket which requires emptying less frequently than standard baskets
  • Saves water by allowing pools to operate above and below existing skimmer water level
  • Effectively cleans pools at a wide range of water levels so the pool doesn’t need constant monitoring – perfect for when you’re away on holidays
  • Ecoskim will significantly reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate, the need to top-up with town water.
  • Produced in Australia, by Australians, for Australian conditions
  • It is a Smart Approved WaterMark product