Paul deGroot from Ecoskim describes his innovative water saving pool skimming device.

The millennium drought was inspiring innovation all over the country and we were no exception. Back in 2006 my business partner Mark Davies and I invented, designed and produced our product Ecoskim. We were having a chat one afternoon, concerned about the issues of water efficiency and water saving in Australia. Being in the pool industry for a number of years myself, we decided to leverage our experience and knowledge to find a solution to managing pool water.

For some time we tinkered with a few things - bought a few things in here and there. There was a lot of research and many meetings of minds within the pool industry. There were so many variables involved with existing pool skim boxes that we wanted to be sure we had something that would adapt to those variables.

In the end we agreed that we would produce a new style of skimmer that could be retrofitted to the customer's existing skimmer boxes. We wanted something that was not affected by high or low water levels and would work with bottom cleaners with no requirement for ongoing monitoring.

Ecoskim was born. It was able to be fitted by the consumer. It had a three-way mechanism to allow for all the variations of skimmer boxes we've found. In simple terms it works like this. It's a floating weir that saves water, time and the angst associated with constantly fighting the changing level of the pool. Unlike standard skimmers that stop if your water level drops over a period of time, Ecoskim just continues to drop to that level and keep skimming. Conversely if you get rain, say as much as a hundred mil, then Ecoskim just floats to the top and surface skims to that level.

We believe we've covered the majority of bases to get to these 10 great product features:

  1. Innovative Pool cleaning device
  2. Attaches to your existing pool skimmer box - once it is fitted its benefits are maintenance free – set it and forget it
  3. Simultaneous surface skimming and floor cleaning – working with existing automatic pool cleaners (eg Barracuda / Creepy Crawly)
  4. Removes surface debris quickly so its less likely to settle on the bottom of the pool and encourage bacteria. This means that shorter cleaning cycles and less chemicals will be required
  5. Has a large capacity leaf basket which requires emptying less frequently than standard baskets
  6. Saves water by allowing pools to operate above and below existing skimmer water level
  7. Effectively cleans pools at a wide range of water levels so the pool doesn’t need constant monitoring – perfect for when you’re away on holidays
  8. Ecoskim will significantly reduce, or in some cases completely eliminate, the need to top-up with town water.
  9. Produced in Australia, by Australians, for Australian conditions
  10. It is a Smart Approved WaterMark product

We've been selling Ecoskim ever since… Clearly in times where water restrictions and drought are a distant memory it's hard to get cut through with our product however we have really enjoyed the market position that being a Smart WaterMark approved product has provided and have gained additional PR and marketing opportunities from the partnership. Having just renewed for the 9th year we fully expect to be celebrating a decade of being with the Smart Approved WaterMark.

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