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We have developed a range of case studies covering our licensed products and services. This case study features Anova Solutions who has two products approved with Smart WaterMark.

Anova Solutions

Anova Solutions has been a part of the Smart Approved WaterMark scheme since 2009, and the ANOVApot® was granted the Smart Approved WaterMark Product of the Year Award in 2010 for its unique design. Smart WaterMark’s Independent Expert Panel was greatly impressed by the inventive pot and its ability to not only save water, but also its proficiency in preventing the waste of fertiliser and run-off from pots. Hunter expressed his belief that acquiring independent credibility on the performance of the pot in the nursery industry would be greatly beneficial to the company.

“The independent support by the Panel of the Smart Approved WaterMark, in its certification of the ANOVApot®, adds to the credibility of our claims on the pot’s water saving attributes,” Hunter said.

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