6 star water efficient taps

Flow rates for taps are expressed on the water rating label in litres per minute (L/min).
The most water efficient taps have a 6 star WELS rating demonstrating a flow rate of 4 litres per minute or less.


Tapware products are tested for:
• endurance of tap components 50,000 on/off cycles
• hydraulic strength
• torque of joints
• watertightness
• water consumption
• water temperature test from hot to cold and back again every 55 cycles.

Financial savings

Flow rates for taps will be expressed on the water rating label in litres per minute (L/min).
Every 1L/min difference can save a household nearly 2,000 litres (2kL) of water and $5.50 each year.
Replacing an old inefficient tap with a flow rate of 15L/min with a new:
• 3-star tap that flows at 9L/min will save 11kL and $33 each year on water bills
• 6-star tap that flows at 4L/min will save 20kL and $60 each year on water bills.
Depending on energy costs, they may save an equivalent amount (or more) each year on energy bills because less water will be heated.
Assumptions: tap runs for 5 minutes total per day, for tasks including handwashing, tooth brushing, rinsing dishes, rinsing fruit or vegetables, at an average water price of $2.99/kL (the national average price reported in the 2014–15 Australian Bureau of Statistics Water Account). Time the tap is running to fill a basin is not included.

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