6 star water efficient dishwashers

Flow rates for dishwashers are expressed on the water rating label by the average total water consumption.

The most water efficient dishwashers have a 6 star WELS rating.


Dishwashers are tested for:
• average total water consumption
• wash of a soiled load (equal to the maximum number of place settings the machine can carry)
• washing and drying effectiveness.

Financial savings

The water rating label will tell you how much water is used per load, and what cycle was used for the tests (‘normal’, ‘eco’).

For a family that runs one load of dishes per day, reducing water use by 10L per wash will save 3.7kL and $11 each year.
For a dishwasher that holds 14 place settings, choosing a 6-star machine that uses 9.5L per wash instead of a 2-star machine using 19L per wash will save this family 3.5kL and $20 each year.
Assumptions: figures are based on average water price of $2.99/kL (the national average price reported in the 2014–15 Australian Bureau of Statistics Water Account).

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