Only a well maintained tank is water efficient

Rainwater tanks are a great way of collecting water for use on your garden, in your laundry or for toilet flushing. But its important to keep the system in good condition for both safety and operational efficiency. Many rainwater tanks will require attention within a year or two so if you've got a tank in your garden or you've just purchased a property with a tank here are some simple tasks you can do to look after it and check your water quality. If you follow these maintenance guidelines, your rainwater storage basin should provide you with suitable water for years to come.

Some quick tank maintenance tips:

If you have connections to laundry or bathrooms:

Detailed maintenance guide

Once a month

Every 2 - 3 months

Every 2 to 3 months, there are a few checks you should do to ensure your water tank system is working properly.

Every 6 months

Within a 6 month period, you should do the following.

Other precautions

There are also certain precautions you should take every so often to ensure clean, healthy water.

Factsheet - Maintaining Rainwater Tanks (pdf 662.2 KB)

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