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35 Collins St, Melbourne, VIC, 3000


AMP Capital Investors is a specialist investment manager with over $100 billion in assets under management. The group owns and manages a range of high-profile properties in the Melbourne Central Business District including office towers, food courts, retail precincts and hotels.

Water Use:

The water used across the company’s property portfolio is primarily attributed to bathrooms, kitchens, tearooms and cooling towers. The Collins Place site also uses additional water in its retail precinct, which has food courts, retail spaces, hotels and office towers. AMP Capital Investors continues to proactively seek out new water saving opportunities. Another building within its portfolio uses storm water for toilet flushing, fire hose reels and air-conditioning cooling towers.


The water efficiency project included the installation of waterless urinals with a unique, low cost design across 4 flagship sites. The new urinals eliminate the need for constant flushing and the use of harmful cleaning chemicals, while minimising odours.


The aim of the project was to save 25 million litres of drinking water per year – a target which has been well exceeded, with the waterless urinals delivering actual savings of 61.1 million litres.

Total Project Cost: