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We are proud to have approved WaterGroup’s Standalone Intelligent Meter (SIM). This product provides monitoring solutions for water, electricity, solar and gas. Smart Metering solutions help clients identify abnormal consumption when it happens – and not after the arrival of the utility bill. Clients receive a login to their website platform, through which they can view their usage through interactive graphs. The website also has the ability to send out abnormal usage alarms and automatic reports. Within Smart Metering, WaterGroup also offers the Water Management service, their team actively monitors the water consumption for clients and ensure that needed actions are taken to secure savings.


  • Reduction of water consumption and costs.
  • A proven track record of reducing the client's water usage by 10-25%.
  • Early leak detection.
  • Reduce property damage.
  • Personalised website with consumption alarms and reports.
  • Prioritise water conservation across one or more sites.