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Reaper auto Industries uses high pressure steam cleaners and waterless, bio degradable car care products to clean cars. The steam cleaner is designed to deliver 6 to 8 bar pressure on the cleaner -180 psi pressure of steam at the nozzle.


  • Both dry steam options can be placed over human skin at a distance of 6 inches away with no health risk making it safe to operate.
  • The steamer uses between 2 and 4 litres to operate.
  • One steam station will save 95% of the water or 57 litres per car. Per day on a 8 hour day that's 12 per hour, 96 per day, 672 cars a week
  • This steam can be in three forms.
    • Wet steam 98 degrees
    • Dry steam 102 degrees. (Variations between these two is done via adjusting the level of condensation delivered. )
    • Super heated dry steam at around 180 degrees.