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A national water efficiency rating scheme for the vehicle washing industry, it has been developed by the Australian Car Wash Association (ACWA) with assistance from the Victorian Government’s Smart Water Fund. It enables car wash operators to be recognised for their environmentally responsible business practices. The scheme uses a five-star rating system: a five-star car wash uses 100 litres or less of drinking water per wash, while a three-star facility uses 120-140 litres per wash. All five star car washes are approved by Smart WaterMark.


  • Becoming a 5 star car wash means:
    • You gain more security of continued operation.
    • You get to promote your environmental care.
    • Enhance your website listing.
    • Attract new customers.
  • The benefits of using a 5 star car wash are that you will save water, reduce harmful runoff and can be assured that waste water is managed sustainably.