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Zelbrite is a new and exciting product which offers significant advances in the art of pool and spa filtration. Zelbrite offers the performance of diatomaceous earth (a fine siliceous earth composed chiefly of the cell walls of diatoms), or better, with the convenience of a sand filter.


  • Dramatically reduced pool odour and eye and skin irritation form marked reduction of chloramine formation.
  • Superior water quality resulting from additional surface capture of contaminants and chemical capture by cation-exchange.
  • Superior water quality enhances the effectiveness of disinfection to eradicate micro-organisms (bugs).
  • Greater dirt-holding capacity results in less frequent backwashing with savings in power and less discharge of backwash water to the environment.
  • Enables more efficient use of chlorine and reduction of chemicals used for pH control.
  • Savings from significant reduction in chemical addition .
  • Savings in power due to less backwashing and lower pump head due to lighter filtration material.
  • It has a larger surface area than sand, thereby reducing backwash frequency and reducing water use by up to 30%.
  • Provides a superior swimming-pool water environment which is both safer and more pleasant to swim in.
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