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The Wobble-Tee sprinkler applies water in a consistent large droplet form, minimising evaporation loss and wind drift, ensuring the water reaches your lawn or garden and is not evaporated into the atmosphere. Water is applied slowly and evenly, just like slow soaking rain, preventing puddling and wasteful run off.


  • An effective domestic sprinkler for that is built to connect to a garden hose.
  • Large area sprinkler working at low to medium pressures.
  • Multiple sprinklers can be connected to one tap.
  • Complete with a removable filter for use with dam or river water.
  • Produced from UV stabilised plastics to ensure a long life in the sun.
  • When operated at pressures between 15 to 40 psi, the Wobble-Tee sprinkler has a very low precipitation rate of 4mm per hour and unmatched evenness of distribution, with an average flow rate of 10 litres per minute.
  • Wobble-Tee is a 100% Australian owned, family operated business and products are 100% Australian made.
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