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TerraCottem Universal is the original TerraCottem soil conditioner. Since it was launched 22 years ago, the product has constantly evolved with better performing polymers, fertilizers and carrier material to further enhance root and plant growth and reduce inputs. This is still the TerraCottem to use in most applications such as trees, shrubs, revegetation, annuals, perennials, roof gardens, horticulture and potting soils.

Applications include; Tree & shrub planting, reforestation and land restoration, flower and shrub beds, roof gardens, lawns, window boxes, hanging baskets and containers.


  • Healthier plants & increased yields.
  • Increased survival rate.
  • Increased water retention capacity.
  • Water savings up to 50%.
  • Stronger & deeper root development.
  • Faster & better plant establishment.
  • Higher resistance to drought stress and diseases.
  • Better use of fertilizers.
  • Enable plant growth in degraded, saline or otherwise marginal soils.
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