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SIGNAL has created an advanced irrigation control system which eliminates the drawbacks typically seen in traditional irrigation control systems.

Signal has created an affordable, flexible, two-wire and multi-wire irrigation control system with complete internet connectivity. As such, all SIGNAL SDS Series controllers include the ability to connect via 3G and WiFi, with accompanying software for remote control and monitoring


  • Two-Wire Irrigation Controller with 48, 72 & 96 station capacity.
  • 8 programs, with 1 pump per program plus auxiliary pump and optional booster pump.
  • Controls irrigation by time, volume or precipitation.
  • Includes built-in HydroSectorTM program. i.e. the controller is HydroZone capable including: 12 field sensor capacity; 8 moisture sensors along the two-wire line; 2 frost programs; and fertigation program.
  • PC Central control over 3G & 4G networks.
  • Software allows you to graph total water usage and compare it to budgeted amount (day / week / month / year).
  • Mobile & Tablet Apps for iPhone / iPad.
  • Give you instant control of your system via internet.
  • SDS-LINK gives full touchscreen keypad display of your controller.
  • Easy DIY plug-in service modules.
  • Owned, designed and manufactured in Australia.