Smart Approved WaterMark is managed by

This controller measures the ambient air temperature around your building and activates the equipment that supplies water to the sprinkler system when that temperature rises above the temperature set by the user. This way your property is protected/ dampened when the risk is high with no water wasted and a longer period of protection since the water is managed so well.

The system will run for an amount of time which is set by the user up to a maximum of 60 minutes. The system pauses, checks the temperature and if it is still above the set point the controller will run the system again. The Platypus Controller automates the process and can be activated by using a touch screen or remotely using SMS on your mobile.


  • The controller also monitors the sprinkler water pressure and shuts down if the water supply runs dry.
  • During this time the controller will send SMS information to the stored numbers advising the status of the system.
  • An automatic service reminder is also sent annually.