Range and Benefits

GeoBubble™ Pool Covers

  • Pool covers featuring GeoBubble™ Technology air cell design minimise evaporative water losses. The material works as a physical barrier to evaporation reducing evaporative consumption by over 98%. Perth’s Pan annual evaporation rate is 1.9m. This means for an uncovered pool 1900L of water are lost for every meter squared of the pool’s surface. This represents a massive consumption of a vital resource up to 60,000L per year for an 8x4m pool. Such substantial losses can be nearly completely mitigated by a quality pool cover.
  • All GeoBubble™ covers provide substantial benefits and savings by helping with Evaporation Control, Debris Control and Heat insulation.
  • GeoBubble™ covers are available in a variety of colours to match the aesthetic of any pool.
  • High performance 500 microns Guard materials with GeoBubble™ technology are scientifically designed to yield maximum savings in respect of heating or cooling and chemical consumption when covering a swimming pool.

EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission

  • EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission material maximizes pool temperature and inhibits algae growth, meaning there is no need to compromise between temperature and chemical savings.
  • Preventing Algae growth reduces the time spent maintaining the pool, removing the need for excessive backwashing and water drainage required when treating algae bloom and ensuring the pool is kept useable while preserving energy and resource.


  • The Sol+Guard™ transparent pool cover material transmits 80% of the sun’s energy in the visual and IR spectrum through the material to heat the water and basin of the swimming pool.
  • Tests in the UK have shown temperature increases of up to 6°C and testimonials from hotter climates estimate up to 8°C increases, reducing the heating demand by up to 70%.

CoolGuard™ Ultra

  • CoolGuard™ Ultra is designed to maintain a comfortable and refreshing temperature.
  • Its highly reflective Glacial blue top surface mitigates against solar gains.
  • The material provides a barrier to evaporative cooling and insulates the pool surface, These properties working in collaboration provides a stable, comfortable temperature without the consumption of vital water resources or excessive energy consumption.
  • CoolGuard™ Ultra has been proven through testing in the UK to minimise daily solar gains by as much as 55% when compared to an uncovered pool.

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