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Orbit B-Hyve Indoor Station

The Orbit B-Hyve Wi-Fi sprinkler timer allows the user to water smarter and make watering decisions based on the needs of the home garden. Orbit B-Hyve controller combines easy programming and remote programming using the the home Wi-Fi. Users can remotely access and program their controller from their iOS (Apple) or Android mobile application at no charge. Orbit B-Hyve can be set to adjust watering based on local weather using your postcode making sure you minimise water waste due to rain and delivering the correct water volumes to your lawn and plants


  • 4 programs, 4 start times per program
  • 1-240 minute run time per station
  • Selective days to water or odd/even and interval selection up to 32 days
  • Seasonal adjustment 10% - 200% per program
  • Rain delay 1-32 days
  • Will operate with or without Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Build in fault detection and surge protection
  • Integrated catch-cup application for up to 50% of water savings
  • Program stored in non volatile memory and is not lost if timer loses power
  • Up to 5 users allowed for remote access - ideal for maintenance and outside programming
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