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Water treated with the H2O ENERGIZER is more permeable in the soil. Use less water for agriculture, fertilizers, and pesticides to make a lasting contribution to our environment. The Magnetic field created by the H2O ENERGIZER, when applied to water, restructures the water molecules into very small water molecule clusters, each made up of six symmetrically organized molecules. This hexagonal cluster is recognized by the cell as "bio-friendly" due to its hexagonal structure and inability to transport toxins, and easily enters the passageways in plant and animal cell membranes.The result provides maximum, healthy hydration with less water.


  • The Agricultural H2O ENERGIZER systems are non-chemical devices from 2” diameter systems up to 30”+ diameter systems which can be installed at your irrigation source.
  • The system can be easily fitted to your drip, sprinkler, flood, ditch, center pivot, or any irrigation system you may use on your farm.

NB: Smart Approved WaterMark has approved the H2O Energizer Agricultural for its application across the agricultural sector only. It does not approve its use in the Home and Garden sector.

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