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The Mini-M70LF Spray Gun from Spray Nozzle Engineering gives you maximum cleaning with low-flow and thus, maximum water savings.

A lightweight, easy to handle spray nozzle, the Mini-M70LF is designed for heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications and ensures consistent spray pattern changes, even at a low flow rate.

The Mini-M70LF provides further water savings through its instant ‘water shut-off system’ that ensures no water loss after the trigger is released; a stainless steel seat also stops water leakage at the nozzle seat.

Durability and ergonomics combine in the Mini-M70LF via brass & stainless steel construction, a heavy-duty replaceable cover and a long handle design that allows the nozzle to be held with one hand.


  • Optional lightweight design weighing at only 0.8 kg.
  • Original heavy duty nozzle line.
  • New swivel design reduces operator fatigue.
  • Rear trigger and front trigger models available.
  • Ergonomic designs to reduce fatigue / injury.
  • A swivel adapter in ½” or ¾” size is included with the Mini-M70LF and a repair kit is also available.
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