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LinkTap wireless water timer products allow you to use your smartphone, tablet or computer to easily control your garden watering from anywhere you have internet access. Through LinkTap's intuitive mobile app or web app, you can set up a watering schedule or turn on and off the watering immediately with just a few clicks on your smartphone at any time, either home or away.


  • Cloud Controlled Watering - Keep your plants watered from anywhere when they need it. The LinkTap wireless water timer lets you schedule watering times while taking weather conditions into account.
  • Automatic Fault Detection - Have total peace of mind when you're out or traveling. The flow and fall sensors in the LinkTap G2 water timer provide real-time push notification & email alerts in case of falls, water cut-off, valve failure or irrigation pipe leaks or clogs.
  • Reduce Waste - Enjoy lower water bills and healthier plants by using only as much water as you need. View real-time flow rate and 90-day water usage & cost in the app at any time.
  • Build to Last - The LinkTap water timer is weatherproof and covered by a 2-year warranty. Equipped with a proprietary Zigbee protocol, it also provides wider, more reliable wireless coverage than WiFi.
  • Easy to Set Up - Save yourself the headache of a complicated installation. Setting up the LinkTap automatic watering system takes only a few minutes, and using it is simple with the intuitive mobile & web app.
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