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The Greenwell Water Saver is very commonly used in local councils and by home gardeners throughout Australia. It helps significantly to save money on the costs of watering and to reduce the loss of trees due to heat stress.


  • Delivers applied water directly and quickly to the tree roots - avoiding water runoff.
  • Saves watering time. Simply fill the well with water and leave. For council watering trucks this takes only a few seconds saving valuable time and costs in watering trees.
  • Stops the scatter of mulch and fertiliser. Mulch and fertiliser is contained (safe from birds) to ensure that it stays where you put it.
  • Concentrates water, mulch & fertiliser where needed - making it simple to keep a tree adequately watered and fed throughout the year.
  • Easily installed and repositioned in minutes.
  • Unique tree-protecting circle easily opened & closed.
  • Because of its special zip join it can be easily placed around or taken off a tree.
  • Concentrates up to 26 litres (regular size) and 50 litres (large size) of water.
  • Made from recycled, UV stabilized plastic.
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