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The Elite Triple Cell® pool cover breaks away from the traditional ‘bubble wrap’ style. 1 Elite Triple Cell is the equivalent of 3 standard round pool cover bubbles. Performance with traditional bubbles is reduced due to the shaped ‘dead zone’ between the bubbles not being in contact with the water. Triple Cell has more contact with the water therefore better heating, better insulation and a pool that stays warmer for longer.


· Its new cell shape acts as a collector of energy. This energy is transformed to heat your pool water better.
· Its unique cell design also offers more protection from chlorine attack and harmful UV rays.
· The manufacturing process ensures a more uniform thickness at the side, top and base of the cell… Unlike a standard bubble, where the thickness can be inconsistent with less life expectancy.
· This pool cover lays flatter on the pool surface and rolls up easier over header courses plus automatic cleaners work better.
· Elite Saltsafe® & Chlorsafe® technology is incorporated in the ultra-new Elite Triple Cell® Solar Thermal Pool Blanket.
· Elite is proud to be made in Australia and exported internationally.

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