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Baileys 3.1.1 Plus is a mini sized, fully granulated lawn fertiliser blended with Grosorb wetting agent. This formula is designed for the establishment of new lawns and lawn maintenance in warm climates where the soil repels water. The added benefit of Grosorb is that it aids water penetration and moisture retention, enhancing the efficiency of the lawn food, making the most of irrigation and producing a lush, healthy lawn.


  • Western Australian designed and manufactured product tailored to Australian conditions.
  • Mini size granule for easy and even distribution and quick uptake, even on finer turf surfaces.
  • Fully granulated to ensure all nutrients are incorporated into each granule for maximum nutrient delivery to your lawn.
  • A complete macro and micro nutrient fertiliser for excellent results on high profile turf surfaces such as entertaining areas.
  • Ideal for commercial applications on finer turf surfaces such as bowling, tennis, cricket, croquet and golf course greens.
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