Backwash Recycling System

This product recycles swimming pool backwash water which is otherwise wasted down the drain. As shown in the detailed system diagram supplied in the product booklet it is easily installed during pool construction or as an attachment to already existing sand filtered systems for either professional or self installation. The system operates using the existing pool pump and sand filter by adding certain fittings which enables the backwash swimming pool water to be drawn from the uniquely designed custom made tank returning to the pool clean, filtered and already chemically treated water. The recycled water is filtered prior to returning to the pool as it has to return via the existing sand filter. All appropriate instructions are described in the booklet supplied.

Description of how this product saves water

Swimming pool industry recommends that sand filtered swimming pools be backwashed for three minutes once every month. With an average pool pump pumping 400 litres per minute that’s 1200 litres of water wasted down the drain. Backwash Recyclers Australia backwash process filters and recycles for future use approximately 100% of pool backwash water that is currently lost down the drain with every backwash. Diverting all backwash water to a custom made backwash storage tank which directs all foreign material to a common area at the base allows clean and already chemically treated water to return to the pool. This recycled water is filtered before entering the pool as it is returned via the existing sand filter utilizing all existing equipment including existing pool pumps. Not only does it save 1200 litres of water with every backwash it also prevents pool owners from having to find and replace the 1200 litres that is otherwise lost down the drain. This is a water use of approximately 2400 litres which can be prevented with the installation of the backwash recycling system.

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