Two-Wire Irrigation Controller with 48, 72 & 96 station capacity. 8 programs, with 1 pump per program plus auxiliary pump and optional booster pump. Controls irrigation by time, volume or precipitation. Includes built-in HydroSector(TM) program. i.e. the controller is HydroZone capable including: 12 field sensor capacity; 8 moisture sensors along the two-wire line; 2 frost programs; and fertigation program. PC Central control over 3G & 4G networks. Software allows you to graph total water usage and compare it to budgeted amount (day / week / month / year). Mobile & Tablet Apps for iPhone / iPad. Give you instant control of your system via internet. SDS-LINK gives full touchscreen keypad display of your controller. Easy DIY plug-in service modules. Owned, designed and manufactured in Australia.

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