A Duplex floor cleaner is a medium sized all-in-one floor scrubber / washer / dryer. It can come with a steam component or without. This doesn't change the amount of water that is used. Applications include:

- Domestic & commercial carpets

- Flotex, vinyl, safety floors and stone

- Tiles & tarket

It is used for a variety of industries including hospitality, accommodation, healthcare and schools.

How it works:

By squeezing the trigger, the user controls the release of water from the dual capacity clean solution tanks(1) dispense liquid evenly along the full length of both agitator brushes (2) actively scrub the water into the floor to break up grime. (3) The twin converyors then simultaneously lift he grime from the brushes to a central recovery tank.

Technical & Specifications:

Width 420 mm, Length 430 mm, Height 240 mm, Weight empty 27 kg, Clean solution capacity 6L, Recovery tank capacity 3.5L, Cylindrical brush diameter 100 mm, Cylindrical brush width 350 rpm

Electrical induction motor tropicalised winding Single - Phase, Insulation class1¼, Voltage 220/240V, Frequency 50 Hz, Max Power 900 W, Pressure on floor 185 g/cm2, Theoretical working surface area 350 m2/h.

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