The Shower Shortener is a temperature triggered electronic shower controller and shower head assembly. The shower head assembly is installed as per a normal shower head, whilst the controller is attached to the wall inside the shower cubicle via suction cups on the rear of the controller housing. The position of the controller making it possible for family members to access the selection buttons. The unit can be installed with various shower head types including, a standard shower head, a hand shower assembly or a rail shower. Once installed, users shower as they normally would. Whilst the shower is flowing, the control unit will automatically start and request the shower period. Users may select 3, 5 or 7 minutes (and if no selection is made within 15 seconds, the Shower Shortener will default to a 3 minute shower) The Shower Shortener then begins its countdown whilst displaying the remaining shower time. If required a once-off 60 second period can be added during the last minute of the shower. When the Shower Shortener times out, the shower flow will reduce to a trickle and the user will be prompted to turn off the taps and exit the shower. The Shower Shortener then enters a 3 minute lock out and periodically updates the display to show when the next shower will be available.

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