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What is the Waterwise Products Program?

The Water Conservancy and Water Corporation collaborate to provide the Waterwise Products Program. This Program enables water efficient products that have Smart Approved WaterMark certification to be endorsed as Waterwise by Water Corporation. The Waterwise Products Program is unique to Western Australia and provides an opportunity for endorsed products to feature the Waterwise logo on their packaging, giving consumers increased confidence when choosing water saving products for their home and garden.

The Waterwise Products Program is one component of a larger effort by Water Corporation to help the Western Australian community reduce their water use to avoid possible implementation of greater water restrictions in the future. If you have a Smart WaterMark Certified product that falls within the eligible Waterwise categories, email us at If you are not licensed with SAWM then apply here today and request endorsement as part of your application. There are many benefits and no cost to join the Waterwise Products Program.

What types of products can apply to use the Waterwise label?

The Waterwise Products Program focuses on products that can help achieve water saving inside and outside the home, and includes any water saving products that fall into one of the following Smart Approved WaterMark categories:

• Watering – drip irrigation, other controllers, weather controllers, sprinkler systems, soil moisture monitors, rain sensors, watering measures
• Gardening – mulches, smart pots, soil enhancers, wetting agents
• Pool and spa covers
• Greywater systems
• Rainwater harvesting
• Plumbing products.

Looking for a category that your product or service will fit into?

Check the Smart Approved WaterMark product area here.

  • Products must also be appropriate/relevant to Western Australian conditions (as verified by WA Industry) and available to the general public. Greywater systems must also be approved by the WA Department of Health.
  • Please note that the above criteria do not apply to Waterwise plants. Production nurseries wishing to use the Waterwise logo on plant labels are encouraged to contact us for details on the endorsement process specific to Waterwise plants.

The Waterwise Products Program is unique to WA and provides an opportunity for approved products to feature the Waterwise logo on their packaging. If you already have a product approved by Smart WaterMark and you sell it in WA, let us know and we’ll help you get approved under the Waterwise Products Program.

More questions about the Program? or call (08) 9420 2130.