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One in ten people globally do not have access to clean water close to home

Will you help us reduce this statistic?

This will be the third year that our team at Smart Approved WaterMark will be supporting WaterAid’s Water Challenge. We are passionate about ensuring Australians have access to information about their tap water – where it comes from, how to be less wasteful and to value this precious resource – still many Australians take household water for granted.

Did you know that globally...

  • 1 in 10 people don’t have access to clean water close to home
  • 31% of schools do not have a basic water service
  • 1 in 4 healthcare facilities do not have clean water on site
  • Over 50% of healthcare facilities in least developed countries do not have clean water on site

Like us, the team at WaterAid believe that everyone, everywhere, deserves access to clean water. With your help WaterAid can make that happen. By taking part in the Water Challenge you can help people around the world to access water for the first time.

The Water Challenge

To mark World Water Day on 22nd March, WaterAid are asking Australians to lose the booze, can the caffeine and say “see ya” to soft drinks. Make water your only beverage for the month of March and fundraise for those without access to clean water.

You can do good and feel good at the same time, by signing up for the Water Challenge at

Why fundraise for WaterAid?

All funds raised from the Water Challenge help WaterAid reach more people with access to clean water for the very first time in countries like Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and Cambodia.

WaterAid acknowledges there are parts of Australia experiencing drought and water issues and they agree that this is an important issue. WaterAid's work, however, is focused on areas of the world where the scale of this crisis is far more severe. For instance, in Papua New Guinea (Australia's closest geographical and a former colony of Australia), 59% of the population don't have access to basic water services, while 87% of the population don't have access to a decent toilet.

Like us, WaterAid believe it is important that everyone - regardless of their country of origin - has access to these basic services necessary for a dignified life.

Last year alone, WaterAid helped 1.5 million people access clean water through their global water, sanitation and hygiene work in communities around the world, including considerable advocacy and policy work.

$700,000 raised with the Water Challenge to date

By taking the Water Challenge and fundraising amongst your friends and family, you are helping WaterAid reach more people around the world.

Real people benefit from funds raised by the Water Challenge

People like Tantley (pictured) used to miss school because she had to collect water for her family. She says "The water we had before was was bad because when we got water at the well, we had to take a bucket and the bucket could fall." And now? "It is good!“.

With access to water closer to home Tantley can attend school and get an education, which opens up many more opportunities for her future. Her grandfather Albert explains the difference he has seen now water is close by; "She used to be late all the time, but now she even gets to school before the teacher. So, all I can say is that her life has gotten easier"

And Tantley?.. "I like school, my favourite thing is doing writing exercises. I want to be a doctor when I grow up.“

Making progress

Since 2000, WaterAid have helped more than 2 billion people gain access to clean water and 2.7 billion to gain access to decent toilets. Plenty more to do!

Sign up to the challenge

The Water Challenge provides a fantastic opportunity to challenge yourself and establish some new healthy habits at the same time as helping to change lives through your fundraising efforts.

Take the Water Challenge this March and make water your only beverage for the month. Or say goodbye to just one of your favourite drinks – caffeinated, alcohol or soft drinks. The choice is yours!

Sign up for the Water Challenge at