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The #smartsoilsolutions promotion closed on 31 April 2018. Thanks to our licensee Richgro we had three great Ezi-Wet prize packs to give away. Entrants were simply asked to post a picture of themselves, friends or family gardening on our Smart WaterMark facebook page using #smartsoilsolutions.

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winners:
Amy Schembri, Monica Huffer and Sue Bateso

Check out the winning entries below:

Richgro Ezi-Wet

Richgro Ezi-wet is a soil wetting agent whose main function is to help soils absorb water. Applying Ezi-Wet to your garden, pot plants and lawn will assist water penetration, improve the efficiency of any fertilisers used, reduce water runoff and help eliminate dry patches. Use Richgro Ezi-Wet now to maximise the Autumn and winter rains. This will ensure the water will penetrate deep into the root zone and maximise water getting into the soil, ready for spring.


  • By using Ezi-Wet, deeper root growth is encouraged, so less frequent watering is required, saving you time, money and more importantly precious water.
  • Richgro Ezi-wet uses a surfactant that is 100% aquatic safe and is safe to use around ponds, waterways and other aquatic environments.
  • With added Charlie Carp organic fertiliser.

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