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Home Water Wastage Reduced with a Smart Water Shutoff Valve

Australia is known to be one of the driest continents in the world and many Australians try their hardest to conserve the little water that there is through reducing their home consumption. One such Australian, Heath Deeble, is doing just that with a Water Secure Co Smart Water Shutoff Valve.

Heath lives in Carseldine, Brisbane, QLD in a house of two people and has installed Water Secure Co’s Smart Water Shutoff valve in his home to better monitor his water usage and guarantee his home's safety from water leakage. The product is installed on the incoming water line and protects and manages the entire property. The dedicated app gives the homeowner complete control over their water which includes tracking water usage by fixture and turning off water remotely in the event of a leak.

Heath purchased the product as he is passionate about home automation and likes to have knowledge and control over his home through technology. Heath explains, “I am very interested in home automation and always looking for new ways to automate my home. I had been researching online for a smart water product in the Australian market and when I found WaterSecure Co I purchased it straight away.”

After having the Smart Water Shutoff valve installed in his home, Heath has been impressed by its capabilities, already experiencing having the water in his home shut off when unusual water usage was detected while he was away on holiday.

Heath expands, “I received a notification that unexpected water usage had occurred at my property and the water had been shut off. I wasn't sure what had caused this, but as I had security cameras set up, I could view the front of my property. I viewed the front camera footage and found that the gardening contractor that mows my lawns had turned the front tap on to fill a water bottle. Thewater automatically shut off in seconds because I had set the Smart Water Shutoff to “away mode” which tells it that no water should be in use. I am confident that if I am away from home, that the valve will react quickly and prevent any water damage.”

After this experience, Heath is now confident that his home is fully protected from water leakage and damage even when he is away.

“The feature I like the most is its ability to detect any water leakage in our house and automatically shut off the water valve to our house to prevent any damage. I also enjoy being able to monitor the amount of water being used per fixture to assess where most of our water usage comes from.”

Heath adds, “I work in the mining industry where we are safety dominant and I have been recommending the product to my friends and co-workers. I recently shared it with our team in a meeting, knowing at least five people who have had significant water damage while they have been away from home.”

Marcus Fantl, Co-founder of WaterSecure Co says: “It’s great to see this product in use and our customer benefiting financially from day one. One of the best things about the product is how easy it is to use. Homeowners and business customers can download the free Flo app to have complete control over the water in their home so that they will always know what is going on, from pipe leaks and taps left on, to monitoring holiday homes and managing consumption during summer water restrictions. Living in a drought-stricken country, we know how important it is to save water and the products’ smart technology quickly learns the unique water footprint of your home to better identify water usage irregularities putting you back in control.”

The Water Secure Co Smart Water Shutoff is the first in Australia to be available for residential homes.

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