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My name is Tony Holmes and together with my wife Kathy we have developed this sprinkler and successfully marketed it Australia wide from an early beginning of just some drawings and a few fittings glued together. The sprinkler which has evolved to that which you see on your hardware shelves today is made of quality plastic components with U V stabiliser to suit the Australian sun.

Along the way we have had Australian businesses involved in making the tools and parts required for this sprinkler product and it just goes to show that it still can be done here.
When our product sits on the shelf surrounded by other sprinklers we can be proud to know that it is made of the best plastic components and was assembled by Aussies just like us.
Inferior we are not, the Wobble-Tee sprinkler has gained respect in thousands of households due to the even distribution of water and reliable performance. When operating at low pressures it will also out perform any other sprinkler in diameter and it also has a filter if you are using dam or creek water via a pump. The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler has been accepted to proudly display the Australian ‘Smart Approved WaterMark’ advertising it’s water efficiency.

This water efficient sprinkler has unmatched distribution uniformity and it will outperform all other sprinklers with the evenness of applied water when operating at low to medium water pressures. The Wobble-Tee sprinkler applies the water in a droplet form which resists evaporation losses due to no misting and it also waters slowly which avoids puddling and wasteful run-off because all the applied water gets enough time to soak into the soil, just like slow soaking rain.

Another tremendous benefit is that the sprinkler works happily at low to medium water pressures and will operate from gravity feed water supplies from overhead rainwater tanks and dams or small household pressure pumps, as well as normal town water supply. With only small energy and pressure requirements the ‘Wobble-Tee Water Efficient Sprinkler’ will operate up to a 15m diameter using 12LPM at 210kPa (30psi), with a precipitation rate of approx. 4mm an hour. The sprinkler can be adjusted at your tap down to a 3m diameter.

Understandably, the Wobble-Tee Sprinkler has been designed by a qualified greenkeeper/licenced irrigation installer with practical experience gained from working on golf courses, bowling clubs and council parks and gardens.

Covered by an ‘Australian Patent’ and ‘Registered Design‘, it is manufactured in Australia and has some added features to make watering your lawn easier.

The ‘Y’ shape base has a large capacity screen filter, which is removable for cleaning, and it is installed internally behind the snap-on fitting. The Wobble-Tee Sprinkler is supplied complete with a snap on tap adaptor for standard convenient connection to your existing hose. The opposing end caps of the ‘Y’ base are removeable and can be replaced by a standard 1” tap adaptor for extending off to another hose and sprinkler. Many consumers use this option to operate three sprinklers from just one tap, which allows them to water large areas simutaniously. The sprinkler, base and all associated caps and fittings are made from high grade polypropylenes with U.V. additives for a long life in the sun.

The Wobble-Tee sprinkler comes with a twelve month warranty and is available through leading Hardware outlets.