Service Application

Important information about the application process

  • The application form must be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions of the Smart Approved WaterMark program.
  • Please complete all applicable sections on the Application Form.
  • A separate application must be completed for each Product/Service, unless the differences are cosmetic in nature only ie: colours, features and optional extras and do not affect the actual water use of the product/service and would not be used to differentiate one service/product from another.
  • The Application Fee is not refundable.
  • The application for and supporting documentation should not exceed 15 A4 Pages. If more pages are submitted only the first 15 will be considered.
  • Services provided by a manufacturer to assist in sales will NOT be considered.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to supply the appropriate level of information - the applicant should assume that the Expert Panel has NO prior information about the product/service and must use the information supplied as the only source upon which to make a decision.
  • The application form and supporting material is to be sent to the Expert Panel, and their decision will take one of three forms: ‘Accept’, ‘Reject” or ‘Seek Further Information’.
    While no specific reasons for any decision by the Expert panel will be conveyed nor communicated, the Expert Panel will continue to produce guidelines and update criteria as necessary which will be published on the website to assist applicants.
  • The decision of the Expert Panel is final and no further correspondence will be entered into, as the deliberations of the Expert Panel are confidential.
  • An applicant, if rejected, may appeal in writing to: Chair, Smart Approved WaterMark Steering Committee, GPO Box 915 Sydney, NSW 2001 AND/OR Reapply, but only where new information is supplied to support the new application and a new application fee will be payable.
  • Approved companies can use the Smart Approved WaterMark label for a period of two (2) years from the date of issue on the Certificate of Approval.
  • At least two months prior to the expiry of the Certificate of Approval, companies should reapply for an extended licence. If not a new application and fee may be required.
  • Water saving claims need to be independently verified (such as independent testing, case studies or comparative reports). Unsubstantiated marketing claims are not regarded as evidence of water saving.
  • Products currently included in the WELS ( scheme in Australia or the EWL ( – will NOT be considered for the Smart Approved WaterMark label.

2. Applicant Details

3. Company Details

The name of this organisation.
Address for correspondence
Phone number.
Fax number.
Email address.
To be used for product listing if approved

3. Service Details

The name of this service.
Brief description of the Service (to be used for web site listing)
Reach or area of covearage of the organisation:
Target group(s) for the service:
Recommended retail price for this service.
Describe clearly the water saving features of thuis service.
Under what circumstances might the use of this service not result in water savings?
How much water could this service save? (Include common usage of water savings by consumers using this service).
If Yes, please attach details of the independent verification ie copy of the test results/report
Does the service involve demonstations, infromation, advice and/or educate about ways to reduce potential water wastage and/or use water more efficiently? If Yes, attach details.
Does the service involve demonstations, information, advice and/or education about ways to design and install water efficient products to reduce potential water wastage and/oruse water more efficiently? If Yes, attach details.
Does the service involve on-site auditing or reviewing current water using behaviour and appliances? If Yes, attach details.
Is the service promoted? If Yes, attach the samples of advertising material.
Does the service come with a warranty/guarantee. If "Yes", please attach a copy of the warranty/guarantee.
Does the service/company have a customer/consumer charter?
Does this service have any possible negative envirnomental risks? If "Yes" to the above, please provide details and any consumer safety information provided with the product.
Does the service come with a warranty/guarantee. If "Yes", please attach a copy of the warranty/guarantee.

Referee 1

Referee 2

Provide the details of an employee who can clarify any technical details and/or answer any other questions regarding this application.

Additional attachment file 1.
Additional attachment file 2.

5. Declaration

I, as the authorised representative of acknowledge that: