First there was Uber On Demand for Taxi's, now Refresh brings you On Demand for Car Detailing. Why leave your home or work to wait in line at a hand car wash when Refresh comes to you. Just Download. Request. Relax. Refresh.

Refresh saves you time:

We come to you so you can stay at your home or office.

We bring everything we need - access to power & water not required.

Parked underground? No problemo! We have lights too!

Refresh cares for the environment:

Our products are all bio-degradable and water based car detailing products.

Our spray bottles and cloths are re usable, we don't use any consumable cans or cloths.

Our cloths remove the dirt and grime and are washed at home in washing machines, eliminating any run off into streams and oceans that typical mobile carwashes experience.

Refresh saves you money:

Don’t want to spend a million dollars, but you want it to look a million dollars... We've got you covered! A mobile detail is only $59 car + $10 SUV.

Clients often compare Refresh to mobile car cleaners/detailers 2 - 3x the price.

Refresh guarantees quality:

Every Refresher is extensively trained & qualified to detail your car.

The in app rating system helps us ensure you're always satisfied with your Refresh.

Waiting in line at the hand car wash is so 1999...

Download the app and experience the Refresh Mobile Car Detailing difference today.

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