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The range of Netafim Purple Dripper lines are made for distributing greywater around the garden.

Bioline is a non-pressure compensating, 13mm dripper line. Bioline AS is a pressure compensating, anti-siphon, 13mm dripper line. And finally, UniBioline is a pressure compensating, anti-siphon, dripper line available in 14.4. and 16.4mm tube diameters.


  • Bioline’s large holes allow large particles (e.g. hair, lint or debris) to pass through the dripper without blocking, making it a suitable greywater diversion device for use on the soil surface.
  • AS is suitable for laying beneath the soil surface in conjunction with greywater treatment systems.
  • UniBioline can be used to distribute greywater beneath the soil surface or on the surface under mulch.