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The patented EvaRain Gutter System collects additional water from the roof catchment of your water tank and has the benefit of being able to flush the first rains via a specially designed inlet and filter system, a world first and unlike any other option available in the market.

In developing the new improved Gutter System, Heritage Water Tanks consulted with a Hydrologist to model the catchment potential of the Water Collection System to ensure its effectiveness. In a 500mm rainfall zone, you can save up to an extra 25,000L. (Based on a 110,000L rainwater tank) With the Gutter System installed on your water tank, you can harvest almost all of the rainfall from the roof of your tank. This is in addition to water collected from other surface areas that are connected.


The EvaRain System protects your water supply by screening the water before it enters your tank via the gutter.

• It also incorporates a flushing system, to allow you to flush any accumulated dust and leaves with the first rains and divert them to stormwater.

• The tank Gutter System can be optionally fitted onto your Heritage Water Tank when your new tank is installed.

• Your tank water quality can also be further protected by installing our Optional Tank Roof Seal which will prevent mosquitoes and or frogs from entering your tank.

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