Designed to last in harsh conditions

For more than 25 years, Sealed Air Australia has been perfecting the Suncap® Solar Pool Blanket. Producing quality Pool Covers that withstand harsh conditions takes years of knowledge and experience. It is extremely important, when caring for your pool, that we offer you a cover that is going to provide you maximum savings and will last the test of time.

Save precious water

Being responsible with our water use, juggling water restrictions and maintaining water levels in your pool is fast becoming a way of life. On average, an uncovered pool will lose twice its water volume per year to evaporation. A Suncap® Pool Blanket will reduce evaporation by up to 98% while the blanket is on the pool and reduce the cost of chemicals as the blanket also helps to maintain your pool’s chemical balance.

Reduce heat loss

Suncap® solar blankets provide your pool with thermal insulative properties that maintain your pool’s temperature for longer. The blanket reduces evaporation heat loss by up to 75% which will not only save you money on your heating bills but save valuable energy sources.

Why is a SunCap® pool blanket best for you?

Although they may look similar, not all Solar bubble pool covers are created equal and some of the features that make it the top-quality cover that is made to suit Australian harsh climates include:

  • Last longer – Ultra violet inhibitors provide the best protection available for a pool blanket.
  • Thicker bubble – the bottom layer is thicker than other pool cover material. This makes it highly resistant to degradation from chlorine and salt.
  • Greater durability – the Suncap® proprietary technology enables even distribution of the material across the bubble. This ensures strength in the corners of the bubbles and overall durability of the cover.
  • Superior buoyancy – the design and size of the bubble provides superior buoyancy and excellent adhesion during high winds.
  • Lower pool maintenance – the ability to custom fit your pool blanket to the desired size means most leaves, debris, dust and dirt are collected on the blanket where they can be easily picked up.

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