The Redwaterâ„¢ Diverter is a small valve that is installed close to an area where hot water is used, like your kitchen and bathroom. The Redwater Diverter can service a single tap - like your kitchen sink, or multiple taps close together - like your bathroom.

Once installed you use your hot tap normally. The Redwater Diverter automatically sends the Redwater/cooled water to a predetermined area such as Rain Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Gardens or Garden Irrigation, Toilet Cisterns, Laundry Areas, Livestock Drinking Water...

The Redwater is sent to these areas through a return line, which is connected to your Redwater Diverter.

The Redwater Diverter can be retrofitted to almost all existing plumbing systems, and can be easily incorporated into new systems.


  • Doesn't need electricity - so it has no ongoing costs.
  • Has versatile options for use of the saved water.
  • Obtains near 100% water recovery.
  • Is usable with any hot water system in any location.
  • Is usable with any existing or new tapware.
  • Doesn't need you to change the way you live, just use the hot tap as normal.
  • Is compact and simple.
  • Can be easily retrofitted into existing plumbing or installed into new constructions.
  • Complements other water saving products and systems.
  • Was invented in Australia.
  • Is made in Australia and patented in Australia.
West Australian Endorsed

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