The SolaMaxx series offers pool blankets in 400, 500 and 600 micron thickness.

In Royal Blue translucent LDPE with increased UV inhibitor for extra UV protection, the bubble design allows effective conduction to occur to minimise the loss of heat into the air. The SolaMaxx is a compact cover, which makes it easier to handle.

SolaMaxx employs a unique joining method when connecting sections of a blanket to fit a pool. The Panel Hot Welding method reduces the visibility of seams so that 100% can be covered in the blanket’s warming bubbles.


  • Reduce evaporation from the pool and heat the pool water by up to 7 degrees.
  • Keep pools clean by reducing debris out of the pool, consequently limiting algae growth.
  • Reduces the energy and chemical consumption of a pool by reducing the time it takes for the pool’s filtration and pump system to work.
  • 400, 500 & 600 micron solar pool blankets come with 5, 6 and 8 year warrantees.
West Australian Endorsed

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