Model numbers: 1804PRS, 1806PRS, 1812PRS

When the pressure’s on, save water and money with Rain Bird® 1800® Series Sprays featuring PRS with Flow Optimizer™ technology. These Spray Heads are ideal for use in areas with high and/or widely fluctuating water pressures. The patented PRS pressure regulator built into the stem can help you save approximately one gallon per minute per spray. It also helps to end misting and fogging caused by excessively high water pressure.

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RD1800™ Series Spray Heads

Every landscape has elements that wear on your spray heads over time—from sand and grit to high water pressure and harmful chemicals in reclaimed water.

RD1800™ was designed with these incredibly harsh conditions in mind. As the next evolution in spray heads from Rain Bird—the industry leader in sprays—RD1800 was built with exclusive materials and features that stand up to the challenges of any setting (see Features below for more information about what sets the RD1800 apart).

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5000 PRS / 5000 Plus PRS Rotors with Flow Optimizer™ Technology

When the pressure’s on, save water and money with Rain Bird 5000 PRS Rotors. High water pressure is a common problem in communities across the nation. But this big problem has a simple solution.

By regulating high or fluctuating pressure at the head, Pressure Regulating Stems (PRS) with Flow Optimizer™ technology can help save approximately one gallon per minute per rotor or spray. Given the high price of water in many areas, customers can also enjoy considerable cost savings—annually and over the life of the system.

A typical residential site using Rain Bird® PRS 5000 Rotors and 1800® Series Sprays can save 106,000 gallons per year.* That’s enough to fill an average swimming pool five times over. Check out the 5000 PRS Savings Calculator to estimate how much water and money you’ll save.

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