GeoRevive is a high efficiency soil conditioner, water retainer and fertiliser that boosts both nutrient and water availability. The eco-friendly product acts like a sponge that slowly absorbs water out of the soil, preventing it from draining away and concentrating it where the tree can access it. In sandy soil for example, no matter how much water you sprinkle on the plants, most of it is going to run off, trickle down through the sand and then ending up hitting the water table.

In the Middle East, they’ve done a pretty good job of rendering formerly vast tracts of white blotched earth that are suitable only for growing salt bush into arable land.


  • GeoRevive cuts water usage but also helps plants grow.
  • Set and forget application and biologically decomposes over a period of 8 years (research-tested).
  • It’s loaded with plant nutrients for 8 years. For this reason, if you apply GeoRevive to your tree, you can expect to use up to 90% less water and 70% less fertiliser.
  • Reduces water consumption by up to 90 per cent.
  • Drastically reduces the need for fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Capable of increasing survival rates of newly established species to virtually 100%.
  • Eco-friendly and suitable for organic food production.
West Australian Endorsed

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