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Smart Water Advice - working in collaboration with councils and water utilities

Are you after some help providing water saving advice to your customers? Was your organisation a member of 'The Savewater! Alliance'? Following the closure of ‘The Savewater! Alliance’, Smart WaterMark has launched Smart Water Advice, designed to provide water efficiency resources to councils and water utilities.

Resources available to members consist of water saving tips for all areas of the home and garden as well as engaging activities to calculate your home water use, choose the right plants for your garden and discover how much energy and water your washing machine uses. We also have a range of information in the form of webpages, factsheets and case studies available to help businesses save water.

Access to these resources for members is through one of two ways:

  • Smart Water Advice will develop a co-branded landing page on its website for you to link to. You will be provided with banners and links to direct your customers to this page that hosts the interactive resources.
  • The resources are provided direct to your IT team for incorporation into your website.

Resources available include:

1. Access to the interactive assets previously developed by ‘The Savewater Alliance’
The assets will be brought up to date and will incorporate your branding. They include:

  • Plant selector and library
  • Washing machine calculator
  • H2Ome Water Calculator
  • Interactive e-books eg: A World Without Water, Sammy Savewater and Caroline’s bathtime
  • A range of water efficiency videos
  • A vast photo library
  • Educational games eg: Mission H2O and Mission CO2

2. Provision of water efficiency advice
Smart Water Advice will provide water efficiency content:

  • Water saving tips and in depth webpage copy for around the home, garden and in the business sector.
  • In conjunction with the member develop online banners and graphics for use on your website.
  • Develop downloadable pdf factsheets
  • Develop downloadable pdf Posters

3. Plug-in for Smart WaterMark approved products and services.
Smart Water Advice will provide a plug-in, which will automatically feed Smart WaterMark approved products and services across to your site. This enables you to promote independently approved products and services directly to your customers at arms reach, removing the issue of directly recommending particular products and services. Alternatively Smart Water Advice will provide you with a banner with which you can link to approved products and services on the Smart WaterMark site.

4. Support of water efficiency campaigns
Smart Water Advice will promote your water efficiency campaigns at a national level through social media, Smart WaterMark website, traditional media, newsletters, presentations at events, face-to-face meetings, by phone and other communications.

5. Supporter visibility
Your organisation’s logo will feature prominently on the Smart WaterMark website, all publications and the Smart WaterMark newsletter, which has over 20,000 subscribers and goes out every six weeks.

  • Opportunity to place an article into the Smart WaterMark newsletter to promote your organisation’s product or service.
  • Acknowledgement and promotion in the Smart WaterMark Annual report.
  • Use of the Smart WaterMark supporter logo in all of your marketing and promotional material to let your customers know how you are supporting water efficiency.

6. Other benefits (as agreed with the member)

In addition to the member benefits outlined above Smart Water Advice will develop custom resources on behalf of (and at the request of) the member.

  • Development of Community Service Announcements
  • Production of water efficiency inserts for your customer bills
  • Delivery of regional water efficiency behaviour change campaigns
  • Production of water saving kits for distribution to your customers
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