Our research proves that most Australians are on autopilot when it comes to household water use.

When forced to experience their own personal water shortage, interviewees were shocked to see how much tap water they use and waste every day. 55% of Australians even agreed that they are addicted to turning on the tap – and 63% said once they knew more about the average water used around the home they started thinking about how they use it. Just check out all the facts as we found them in our robust research 'Australia's Relationship with Water'.

In 2020 we had confirmed support from water utilities and councils from most states. In 2021 we want to partner with them all as we encourage 9 million Aussie households to take part in ‘Water Night’. Participants will make do with one bucket of water – no taps, no showers – no running water. (Aside from that required for hand washing and religious reasons).

We are seeking more partners to promote and sponsor Water Night - October 2021 during this years National Water Week.

If you would like to sponsor or support Water Night please contact Chris Philpot today!

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