55% of Australians are addicted to using their taps…Are you?

Australia has been diagnosed with an addiction to turning on their taps, reaching for it on average nine times a day!

We did a major piece of research into what Aussies think about water and despite our reliance on tap water for a million things not least flushing the loo - only 42% of Australians think tap water is precious. Furthermore, 69% say they’d freak out if their taps stopped working.

It would seem the entire country is on water-using auto-pilot with few of us really aware of when and how often we reach for our taps every day.

We are asking all Australian households to sign up to Water Night again in 2021 to practice ‘water mindfulness’ and being self-aware when reaching for the tap.

The challenge is to do without taps, showers and running water from 12pm to 12am on Thursday 21st October during National Water Week. (Use of water Covidsafe and religious reasons is exempt of course).

Sign Up for Water Night 2021

We are not preaching pointing fingers and we are certainly not suggesting you don't use water for hygiene reasons since that is an absolute necessity...

Instead we are simply challenging everyone to see for themselves just how often they reach for the tap in one evening.

We are absolutely sure it will be at least 30% more than you thought and that after taking part you will have seen for yourself just how much you are on a water using autopilot- not only that we believe you will see how much you use unnecessarily and will easily be able to see where you can save water around the home which could lead to some dollar savings down the track too!

We believe that when you discover how often you reach for your taps, you’ll appreciate tap water much more and want to use it wiser in future. Sign up to take part www.waternight.com.au - registrations open now!

Find out more about Water Night

Water Night is an opportunity to make light of a normal Thursday night.

Great creative with friends and family. Share your experience with colleagues and school friends. Water is amazing and we believe you'll start to see how valuable it is to you after taking part in Water Night! Come on take the challenge sign up at www.waternight.com.au

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