Will you take the Water Challenge?

This will be the second year that our team at Smart Approved WaterMark will be supporting WaterAid by taking part in the Water Challenge. Will you join us?

By taking part in the Water Challenge, you’ll be helping people around the world access clean water for the first time. The team at WaterAid believe that everyone everywhere deserves access to clean water. And with your help and ours, we can make that happen.

Each year, WaterAid works to help the 785 million people world wide without access to clean water, through their direct work in communities around the world, and their advocacy and policy work. This March, they are asking Australians to replace their favourite drinks with water to help raise funds and awareness for those who don’t have access to clean water.

Take the Ultimate Water Challenge and make water your only beverage for the month. Or say goodbye to just one of your favourite drinks– caffeinated, alcohol or soft drinks. The choice is yours!

Rules of the Ultimate Water Challenge:

  • Make water your only drink for the month of March
  • Stay clear of all caffeinated beverages for the month -that means tea, coffee and caffeinated energy drinks
  • Lose the booze for March. Time to say ‘Bye to Beers, Adios to the Aperols and Ciao to Champagne’.
  • Say sayonara to all soft drinks. That means anything with a fizz (except sparkling water…since it is water after all!)

Sign up here to take the Challenge