WaterUps® helping communities to grow food at home and abroad

WaterUps® wicking cells are a unique product designed to combat water waste and reduce the amount of maintenance, time and water needed for a wide range of growing environments.

WaterUps IBCS and Cells

WaterUps IBCs and cells.

WaterUps® have recently exported products to the US, to provide irrigation solutions for a commercial tomato grower in Austin, Texas (where over 670m2 of produce will be watered).

WaterUps Plant Growth

Plant growth achieved with WaterUps.

Closer to home, at the Urban Farm at the Melbourne Food Hub, WaterUps® are helping to manage drought conditions and watering restrictions, by assisting local farmers to grow and supply fresh fruit and veg for their ‘Grow Source Eat’ program

Urban farm locations such as the Macquarie Point Edible Precinct in Hobart are also benefiting from this great water saving product .And now they also now irrigate the roof top gardens at the first Crowne Plaza hotel in Tasmania. Based in Hobart, sustainability is a key focus for the hotel, with organic waste to be dehydrated and composted to fuel the rooftop gardens following a partnership with the Edible Precinct.

Waterups Sophie and Gang

Sophie and her team.

In South Australia, TV gardener Sophie Thomson is using the product as the irrigation solution for growing spaces to supply a sustainable food source to the community on Kangaroo Island following the horrendous fires that decimated the local growing conditions recently.

If you’d like more information about the product or these projects then please contact the team at WaterUps® at info@waterups.com.au or on 1300 205 550.

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