WaterSmart Launches Leak Alerting & Management Tools

Strengthened leadership in leak alerting and management

This year WaterSmart surpassed their unmatched leak alerting and resolution solution to address nearly all leak-related interactions between the utility and their customers, and developed a set of robust metrics to help quantify the benefits of leak alerts. This expansion includes the ability to send automated print leak alerts and tools to track alerts that are sent manually by utility staff. They also made their Leak Diagnosis and Investigation tool available to all customers so they can self-initiate a leak check at any time. And on the Utility Analytics Dashboard, they now display metrics approximating water savings associated with leak alerts, customer sentiment in response to leak alerts, the total open leak rate within the utility, a history of all alerts sent through WaterSmart, and the estimated leak volume across the service area over time. Now they can detect continuous use for all meter classes, allowing the utility to send leak communications to non-single family residential meter classes if they choose. Together these features provide the utility with a true end-to-end leak management solution, covering all meter classes across all available communication channels.

New! Bill forecasting

WaterSmart introduced bill forecasting and bill forecast notifications (both volumetric and cost-based) this year for AMI (smart meter) customers. They developed this feature set in response to feedback from their utility partners that the number one reason customers call the utility is because of a high bill. Among newly registered customers they found that nearly 20% choose to opt-in to receive these notifications! Initial response to follow–up surveys indicate that these notifications overwhelmingly help customers better understand and prepare for their bill.

Fully Redesigned Customer Portal

On the Customer Portal, they completely redesigned the homepage to better support their increasingly diverse water utility clients including new Spanish language capability. The new modular design is responsive for mobile and tablet devices, and is easily configured to reflect the utility’s priorities and their customers’ unique attributes. Additionally, weather data (temperature and precipitation) has been added to the seasonal use chart to allow customers to better understand the drivers of seasonal changes in consumption. Finally, and most importantly, they added bill presentment and paperless billing enrollment to the Customer Portal which allows customers to see their consumption information alongside billing data!

The Future

WaterSmart is excited about it’s role in helping their utility partners provide value to their end-use customers – by finding and solving leaks, by encouraging water efficient behavior and device adoption, and by highlighting when and how households can address high bills. Collectively, WaterSmart is reducing costs, protecting revenue and increasing customer satisfaction.

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