Smart Approved WaterMark goes stateside!

We are proud to announce that Smart Approved WaterMark has now reached the US. As many readers would know the USA has an established water efficiency program called WaterSense – run by the EPA. This program covers a large remit of home and business products including a few of our irrigation licensees. WaterSense can be gained for products that use water efficiently. Products that have replaced the use of water or that operate efficiently without water are not eligible.

That’s why Smart Approved Watermark in partnership with the Alliance for Water Efficiency, has stepped in to breach this gap so that innovative water businesses can still be acknowledged for their water efficiency.

Our first licensee is Waterless Co, with their Waterless No-Flush Urinals. A trail blazing zero water concept that uses gravity to drain the urine down into an eco trap and into blue seal liquid. Blue seal is lighter than urine and floats on the top creating a self-contained and completely sanitary system.

WiserWand, an existing Australian licensee of ours since 2018, has also extended its licence to be acknowledged for its water efficiency in the states. Congratulations to both – we look forward to sharing other success stories from the USA in future editions.