We have developed a range of case studies covering our licensed product manufacturers. This case study features AquaTrip who has a product approved with Smart WaterMark.

AquaTrip Case Study

AquaTrip is a permanently installed household Leak Detection System invented by Andrew Meikle in 2006 and approved by SAWM in 2013.

Meikle was inspired when he experienced a huge water leak that slowly destroyed the walls in his house. AquaTrip’s Sales Director Rick Cotton, claimed “He thought why on Earth isn’t there something out there that would’ve told me I had a leak; being an electronics design engineer himself and a radio specialist, he invented the AquaTrip.”

Rick explained why the company applied to the scheme. “We knew that if Smart WaterMark had looked at the product and given it a thumbs up then that would give the utilities, who we were hoping would be our customers, a feeling of comfort.” And it has…

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