FAQs - UK and Europe

What is the application process?

The application process starts with the submission of an application form and documentation to support your water-saving claims. An application fee, which covers the cost of administering the application process, is due before your application is considered. Once an application has been submitted it is allocated a unique reference code and we confirm when it will be assessed by the scheme's independent Technical Expert Panel. The Expert Panel meet three times a year to assess applications. Finally, we convey the outcome of application assessments approximately 1-2 weeks after each Expert Panel meeting. If your application is approved, you can license the use of the Smart WaterMark logo to promote your approved product or service in Europe.

Once licensed in Europe how do I apply for an Australian license?

If your product or service has been approved and you are currently licensed in Europe, you do not need to submit another application form to be licensed in Australia. Simply contact us and we will arrange for your Australian license. A license fee will be payable.

What types of products can apply to use the Smart Approved WaterMark label?

Any product that can prove that it saves water, such as:

  • Smart irrigation systems
  • Low-flow hoses/nozzles
  • Commercial cleaners
  • Pool technologies
  • Soil moisture and rain sensors
  • Mulches and soil wetting agents
  • Rainwater tanks and water butts
  • Greywater and treatment systems
  • Car wash technologies
  • Commercial catering equipment

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What types of services can apply to use the Smart Approved WaterMark label?

Any service that can show how it saves water, such as:

  • Water-efficient plumbers
  • Water-saving retrofit services
  • Water-saving training and accreditation programs
  • Water-efficient design of occupied and new buildings
  • Maintenance programs for irrigation systems
  • Design services for water-efficient gardens and irrigation systems
  • Plant labelling schemes
  • Pool maintenance services
  • Rainwater harvesting maintenance

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Can my product carry both the Smart WaterMark and the European Water label?

No, Smart WaterMark is mutually exclusive to the European Water Label. Find out more about the European Water Label.

Do I need to get both the Smart Approved WaterMark and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approval?

Yes, WRAS ensures that your product meets British safety standards, while the Smart Approved WaterMark is a label that helps consumers make water-wise choices. The Smart Approved WaterMark requires that applications meet relevant standards and regulations. If you are applying to the Smart Approved WaterMark scheme for a plumbing or drainage product then check to see that it is WRAS approved.

How can I use the Smart WaterMark label if my application is approved?

You may use the label on:

  • Your web site
  • All marketing materials
  • Your product packaging
  • At events and displays
  • In advertising

I’m selling another company’s product already approved by the Smart WaterMark but under a different brand name, can I use the Smart WaterMark label?

Yes, contact us to discuss. If another company sells the approved product under a different brand name then this second company will need to apply for a Smart WaterMark license. We confirm with the original company that it is the same product and can then issue an out-of-session license.